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Warminster Philatelic Society

Last Updated 08 September 2017 10:33

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The Warminster Philatelic Society was established 1964.The club has been going strong ever since, an is our 53rd year. Meetings are held at The Athenae High Street, Warminster, mostly every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from September to May, although there are gaps during the winter months (please see exact de of meetings on Meetings pages). The meetings are o from 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start. The first meeting year's season is on September 2017. There is a new programme every year, with outside guest speakers, well as club members invit show material. Although most meetings are held in evenings we run a couple day time meetings in October and April

The annual subscription is only 7.50, which inclu refreshments at every meeting. This will entitle y club activities, for instance our club auction, th successful stamp fair in Warminster each year, and a comprehensive library. There is a stamp packet t to members, a of mate available to buy if wish

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All types of collectors, beginners, or experts, on welcome. Younger members (und 18s) ar especial welcome. We are all willing to you if y out. For a 2017- 2018 ple contact Secretary, see the contact pages on th site for de

contact : Geoffrey Frost
19 Norton Bavant
BA12 7BB
Tel : 01985 840433
Email :