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The Work We Do

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The Work We Do

Recently, some of the major work we've completed is :

  • re-building, repairing and repointing the stone wall between the towpath and the top of Victory field (see the Gallery page)

  • clearing vegetation on the non- towpath side of the canal at Murhill (between Avoncliff and Limpley Stoke), and preparing the area ready for CRT contractors to carry out woodland management tasks in the near future

  • crewing the Vale of Pewsey workboat (see the Gallery page) for, and assisting with the work of, the CRT contractors at Murhill

  • clearing vegetation on the non- towpath side of the canal where it abuts the Spencers Orchard road verge

  • installing benches at various places along the towpath

  • installing and repairing fences

  • hedge laying

Major work ongoing :

  • re-building the stone wall at the top of the Hen's Orchard, and repairing the dry-stone wall at the side of Hen's Orchard (see the Gallery page)

  • refurbishment of garden furniture (tables, benches etc. at the K&A Tea Rooms

  • clearing vegetation from around the WWII pill boxes along the towpath

  • installing additional steps from Moulton Drive down to the towpath, and building other access steps

Regular tasks include :

  • litter picking along the towpath

  • tidying the paved area at the wharf

  • repairing the towpath

  • cutting back vegetation overhanging or encroaching on the towpath

  • lawn mowing and general tidying of the K&A Tea Rooms garden

  • clearing ivy and other vegetation from canal bridges/parapets

  • repair of benches, signs, stiles, gates etc.