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A picture for Fun4all   for carers

Fun 4 All A UK Charity providing innovative Carer breaks

Fun4All Mission is: To preserve, protect the health of and wellbeing of unpaid carers* (Fun4all defines “carer” as any person who, without direct payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their help due to age, physical or mental illness, addiction or disability and not being 100% resident in any institution or nursing home) All members agree to abide by Fun4All’s philosophy, aims and objectives and the information given above is true to the best of my belief. I will endeavor to keep you informed of any changes. What the charity does Identify suitable venues, accommodation, activities and outings which can be offered as a service to members of the charity. Negotiate favourable rates for such events to make them affordable for members Promote the idea of inclusion with the activities, to shape its future direction Manage the bookings for events by . . . engaging carers and those they care for, including people of all abilities to enjoy breaks in a stress- free and organised manner. Low cost and affordable yet not putting guests at risk of poor service, inadequate or inappropriate facilities and/or inaccessible environments. People are able to ‘be themselves’ and relax. focusing on the role of the carer, we recognise their welfare needs are often over looked

We are not ‘aligned’ with any particular ‘type of impairment’ , however all types. We feel all carers may experience the same kinds of emotions and pressures and may benefit from sharing these feelings with others in similar situations . Many of our trustees and volunteers, are or have been carers. We all know carers don’t have a choice to become carers; it just happens and they get on with it.

contact : Mike Oakes
Tel : 01249 656457
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