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Flax spinning

Handspun Linen

Flax 1

Flax 2


Fibres a history

Long Draw

Novelty threads


Loom Cord

S and Z spun

Natural Dyeing

Sett in weaving


Spinning history

Spinning wheels

Wool fibres

Weaving Linen


Spinning cotton


Dressing the loom

Dyeing linen


Fleece sorting

How much to spin


Parts of a fleece


Prep for dyeing

Rug Wool

Silk Spinning


Spindle Spinning


Spinning fancy

Great Wheel

Other animal fibre

Parts of a wheel

Storing fleece


Substantive dyes

Vat Dyes

Woollen spinnning

Worsted spinning

Weaving handspun

Handspun yarn

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Spinning Weaving and Dyeing with Anne Lander

A picture for Spinning-Weaving-and-Dyeing-with-Anne-Lander

Anne began spinning in 1964 and weaving with handspun yarn in 1965. She has taught at Alsager College, the Association Summer School, Dartington and for Dorset Adult Education Dept. She is a member of the Wiltshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers.

She has had numerous exhibitions of her work and has examples in the Craft Study Centre, previously at the Holbourne Museum in Bath, now at Farnham.

Anne was determined from the beginning to use natural fibre, particularly wool and flax and to use plant dyes. Everything she weaves is handspun by herself. Her goal is to make an individual product reflecting the beauty and the character of the fibre. Please note that each page is a thumbnail which can be enlarged.