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Table Test

This is to test HTML Table code using the Copy and Paste template. This could be used to list contact details for groups.

Row 1 Cell One row 1 cell two
Row 2 Cell 1 Row 2 cell 2



PlaygroupSharon Leney01380 722475
S. Leney01380 722475
Primary SchoolSharon Leney01380 722475
Secondary SchoolSharon Leney01380 722475

Village Amenities

ShopSharon Leney01380 722475
S. Leney01380 722475
Village HallSharon Leney01380 722475
ParkSharon Leney01380 722475

Group Contacts

ScoutsSharon Leney01380 722475Leader
S. Leney01380 722475Volunteer
Sharon01380 722475Volunteer
History GroupSharon Leney01380 722475Chair
Climate GroupSharon Leney01380 722475Treasurer
Parish Plan GroupSharon Leney01380 722475Transport Lead
S.Leney01380 722475Housing Lead

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