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Welcome to the Wiltshire Community Web (WCW) tutorial.

Although setting up a website on is intended to be as straightforward as possible, if you feel you want some extra help then take a look at this tutorial before you start. Simply click on the Tutorial link on the left and select the appropriate lesson to get started.

Each lesson in the tutorial is an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF). If your computer cannot read these files, you can download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from

If you would like any further help, please contact me using the details below.

General Points:

• The site is self policing. There is an ‘Offended by this site?’ button on all websites. When a visitor selects this, a message is sent to the site administrator (S.A)

• Users can create as many sites as they like

• You can have your own URL - more details

• ?= where this is shown, help will be provided and shown to the left of your screen

Email :

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