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Terms of Reference

WHITEHORSE AREA COMMUNITY SAFETY GROUP Terms of Reference 1. Aims: The Whitehorse Area Community Safety Group (WACSG) was established through Whitehorse Area Action Group as part of its community plan to provide the local community with a forum to address local community safety issues on a medium to long-term basis. The WASCG will be a key local community group to develop and implement sustainable longer-term solutions to community safety issues. 2. Activities: 2.1 The WACSG will identify, promote and support implementation of agreed safety initiatives, based on best practice principles and processes. This will include providing support to appropriate safety initiatives brought to the WACSG’s attention by the West Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership. 2.2 The WACSG will focus on specific safety and related quality of life issues in the Westbury Community Area (Westbury, Bratton, Coulston, Dilton Marsh, Edington with Tinhead and Heywood Parishes). 2.3 WACSG will develop a series of local community safety action plans. These plans will be created following the identification and analysis of current issues and concerns. 2.4 The WACSG will monitor the plan and report progress to West Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership and other appropriate organisations and agencies. 2.5 WACSG will keep the local community informed about community safety issues. 3. Membership: 3.1 The WACSG will aim to represent as broad a range of interests as possible, including:  Education  Emergency Services  Town, Parish, District & County Councils  Young People  Older People  Business  Residents  Community Safety Watch Schemes, eg neighbourhood, pub, horse. This list is not exhaustive and other people and organisations will be invited when appropriate. 3.2 The WACSG members will ensure that feedback & consultation around community safety and the work of the group is undertaken within their organisations/groups they represent, particularly where the organisation may have an active role to play in the implementation of an action plan. 4. WACSG members will be invited to attend training to assist them in their task. 5. WACSG will work to attract external funding to support objectives identified in the Action Plans. 6. The Whitehorse Area Action Group will hold any funds that the group raise. 7. Role of Chair The chair of the group will:  Act as the representative on the Whitehorse Area Community Development Trust Project Management Sub-committee.  Set the agenda  Act as the publice face of the partnership 8. Election of officers A chair and secretary/minute taker shall be elected annually. Outgoing chairs and secretary/minute takers are eligible for re-election. 6th June 2006

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