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Cloth Road 2008


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Bradford-on-Avon Arts Cafe at The Fat Fowl

The third arts cafe at Bradford- on-Avon will be held on Wednesday 19th December 2007 - 7pm onwards.

Usually a Friday event, it will be held earlier during December due to Christmas and cafe bookings.

The cafe is held at The Fat Fowl restaurant / cafe, upstair where there is a bar and, organiser, Julia Warin, brings together a host of information within an informal and relaxed setting. People mingle, have drink and chat and can generally gather informatio laid around the room; check out the community internet website and find out what's going on from each other too.
The last two have been very successful so it is highly recommended to get alon to as many as you can make.

The Fat Fowl is the restaurant / cafe in the centre of Bradford-on- Avon right down in the dip just on the Bath side of the bridge. There's a wide pavement outside its front where people sit out in the summer.

The cafe after this one will be held on a Friday again 25th January 2008 when everyone can start to think about art work plans f the year ahead.
It's an ideal evening for all Cloth Road Artists who can use the event as one of the focal points for exchanging information and meeting likeminded people

All artists and any interested people welcome. Badges are handed out for labelling yourself if you wish, from Artist; Gallery Owner; Movie Maker; Media Guru; Dancer; Actor to Juggler - there are many amusing titles t adhere yourself for the evening
This a networking event across the board so all sorts o links can be made.

Contact Julia Warin for more details on email :