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For example: young single homeless, single parent, people with physical or mental infirmity or illness, ex- offenders, asylum seekers or those with drug or alchohol related problems"

" Any development in a village would require up to 50% to be affordable housing"

In 2006 WWDC undertook a survey of Wingfield village and concluded there was no suitable area for affordable housing. The Parish Council were not told or consulted but was informed after the event.

Wingfield Speed Limit

Most residents by now will have noticed the speed limit has at last been reduced to 40 mph.

In 2002 County Councillor John Irving advised the village to produce a petition and present it direct to Wiltshire County Council, as previous requests by the then Parish Council appeared to be disregarded.

Initially a 'Safety Campaign Group' was formed by Doreen Willis and Maureen Spreadbury ( at the time both Parish Councillors) and became about 12 residents strong.

After a lot of hard work by the Group, the petition was compiled and 90% of the village residents signed it.

Maureen Spreadbury verbally presented the petition to the whole WCC Regulatory Committee on the 15th May 2002 at County Hall, supported by Kay Smith and Allan Spreadbury. The story appeared in the Wiltshire Times on 10th May and became front page news in the Bath Chronicle on 16th May 2002 (we still have the copies).

The new 40mph completes the first half of the petition, the remaining half is for new footways from Magdalen Lane , Loves Lane and Church Lane to the Crossroads.

The Parish Council have been requested by WCC in January 2007 to confirm whether this is still required , the reply was , YES.

A few residents have said we really need 30mph. Unfortunately 30mph is only applicable in built up areas and that would mean building more houses on both the A366 and B3109 to meet the stated minimum requirement.

Building more houses would break the Green Belt and the current Parish Council would not support such a view.

The Wingfieldian/Wingfield Village Newsletter

In Issue 21 Dec/Jan 06/07, the Editorial comments on the Parish Council financial support to the Newsletter was, to say the least, misleading.

There never was a contract to pay for the Council minutes in the Newsletter.

Perhaps a little history from the minutes in the Newsletter will suggest a different view :-

Issue 4 Jan/Feb04: " The Parish Council provides the funding for the Newsletter and as such it is important that from time to time the success of the Newsletter is made known to the Council and is recorded to allow the Council to decide the future of this publication"

Issue 5 March/April 04: "At the invitation of Cllr. Pendle" (at the time Vice Chair.) " the Council resolved unanimously to allocate a sum of 400 for the Newsletter during the course of a year " (for FY04/05) "and to review this amount annually.

Issue 8 Sept 04: The Newsletter Trust was formed. One of the Trust's stated objectives was :-

"to produce and have delivered to each village household a free bi-monthly Newsletter containing various articles and information including residents points of view but always to include a copy of 'The Clerks notes' ( being effectively the draft minutes of the relevant Parish Council meeting)"

Issue 13 July 05: " The Council decided that the Parish Council would continue to fiance the Newsletter and hoped the increasing advertising revenue would result in the need for lower financial support from the Council"

Issue 16 Jan 06: " The Parish Council in considering the proposed Precept Budget for FY 06/07 Agreed the Clerk to write to the Newsletter Trust to enquire whether or not it was now in a position to be self-financing and to request a statement of its accounts in order to clarify the position for the Auditors", a legal requirement.