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Issue 19 July 06: The Parish Council at last received a letter from the Chairman of the Trust "that the Trust had secured a surplus of 412 for the year " (i.e. FY 05/06). " The Parish Council expressed the view that the Newsletter was now self-financing and a reduced level of donation from the Council was justified.The Council resolved unanimously to make a donation of 150 in FY 06/07, to be paid in arrears and that the donation will again be reviewed for FY 07/08".

Summary :-

It is clear from the above, there was no 'contract' requiring the Parish Council to pay for the inclusion of the minutes in the Newsletter.

If there had been, for FY O5/06 based on the Trust's financial statement, the Parish Council would have paid 68.20 in accordance with the advertising rate, for the minutes to be included, not the 300 donation we paid to the Trust.

The Trust also defined 'The Role of the Board of Trustees as being (Issue 8 Oct/Nov 04): "To hold the Editors responsible for the adherance to the agreed Objectives".

It appears the Trust members need to do what they state.

It should be noted that the donation is part of the Parish Council annual Precept and becomes part of the annual West Wiltshire District Council tax.

The current Parish Council website is free of charge to all residents.

It should also be remembered that the Newsletter started life as the "Wingfield Parish Council Newsletter" in July 2003 "to keep you informed of the issues and decisions made by the Parish Council on your behalf"

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