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Wingfield News

The Electoral Commission and The Boundary Committee

In September 2006 The Boundary Committee stated its final recommendations in respect of Electoral Boundary changes at District Council level.

It included a proposal that Wingfield, Westwood and Bradford on Avon south of the river would form a new Bradford on Avon South Ward.

The Parish Council fully supported this proposal and directly informed The Boundary Committee accordingly.

The Electoral Commission have now accepted the recommendation and recent information indicates that the new Bradford on Avon South Ward will commence with the May 2007 Elections.

This is good news for Wingfield but as always there is an element of bad news. Councillor Tony Philips who has representd Wingfield at the WWDC for the last 33 years will no longer represent us after the May Elections.

We shall certainly miss him, his experience, knowledge and total understanding of both Government and Local Government events, procedures and consequences will be very difficult to replace.

The Parish Council thank him for all the advice and information he has provided, also the sharp sense of humour he has shown at many meetings.

He now moves on to a new Boundary change area with Trowbridge Town connections, we wish him well as he starts a new era.

Shore Place, Chepston Place and Kingsley Place.

In 2003 the above areas were transferred from Wingfield to a Trowbridge area. It now appears this should not have 'taken place'.

The Electoral Commission acceptance of Wingfield becoming part of Bradford on Avon South Ward means that these areas return to Wingfield Parish in time for the May 2007 Elections.

The Parish Council certainly welcomes them back to Wingfield and the return of their Green Belt status.

The Green Belt

Wingfield is now the only Green Belt Village in the whole of Wiltshire.

Westwood Village lost its Green Belt status just a few years ago but the countryside around the village remains Green Belt with the boundaries coinciding with Wingfield's boundaries. Bradford on Avon has the same Green Belt status as Westwood.

The formation of the new Bradford on Avon South Ward provides a very strong Green Belt community and we believe the residents will welcome the new Ward status.

Any new buildings within the current Wingfield Parish Boundary will lead to the loss of the Green Belt status.

The houses built in Moores Yard were built under " Special Green Belt circumstances" approved by the Secretary of State, no other area qualifies within the Parish.

Affordable Homes

We have recently been informed that 4,000 affordable homes are required in West Wiltshire and is increasing monthly.

West Wiltshire District Council's definition of affordable housing is:"Affordable housing can be provided to meet special needs within the Community , including provision for key workers and for those who may need specialist assistance in their homes.

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