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Last Updated 17 June 2016 11:48

The 2015 Benchmarking report for Warminster was published in April 2016 by People & Places, giving the results of the annual Town Centre Users Survey carried out by our Economy and Tourism Group (E&T). This provides important feedback on the town and is available to download under the DOCUMENTS link (left).

The 'Your Community Plan' for Warminster can be viewed under the COMMUNITY PLAN link (left). As a living document it reflects developments following the What Matters To You event in 2014 and the Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA) progress monitoring 2015. Appendices have been updated and expanded to cover: public consultation results 2012; local organisations under each theme; publicity guidance for local events; JSA update 2014; JSA monitoring 2015; sources for grant funding opportunities to assist efficient signposting for local clubs and community groups.

WVCP is continuing to work with local partners. Our Health and Social Care Group commissioned Age UK to undertake a survey of older people in the Warminster area to find out local activities and information they want. This report has now been published and can be downloaded under the DOCUMENTS link (left). Contact is ongoing with Selwood Housing to strengthen community engagement opportunities, and also with DEVELOP's Volunteer Centre Wiltshire to highlight volunteering opportunities.

Are you looking to publicise a local event? Then see the Media Contact List produced by the E&T Group to guide local people and organisations. Download the updated version No.8 under the DOCUMENTS link (left).

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