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Community Plan Themes

The Community Plan is now structured around the 10 themes. Some of the issues are cross- cutting and sit in more than one theme.

Stronger Communities

Scope: support, community needs, deprivation, influence and facilities

Partners: Services, Volunteers, LYN, Good Neighbour Scheme

Health and Wellbeing

Scope: Health, public health, social care

Partners: Health & Social Care Group, Community Hospital, Surgeries, doctors, nurses, clinics, Library, Health Information Service, care- homes, day centres. The Health & Social Care Sub Group is chaired by Ann Merrills

Education & Young People

Scope: Learning, skills, Youth, employment link, apprenticeships, places & methods of learning (e.g. broadband provision, remote learning & support)

Partners: Schools, Library, Job Club, museums/galleries


Scope: Buy Local, retail, industrial, markets, jobs & employment, farming, tourism, accommodation, social events

Partners: Economy & Tourism Group, Development Trust, Information Centre, Job Club, WI, Country Market, Enterprise Warminster. The Economy and Tourism Sub Group is chaired by Victoria Coombes


Scope: Roads, pavements, bridges, street lighting, street cleaning, sign posts, rail, bus and patient transport

Partners: Wiltshire Council, CATG, Town and Parish Councils, Warminster Railway Station, ShopMobility, LINK


Scope: Built environment commercial & residential buildings, industrial estates, tenant housing associations, Core Housing Strategy

Partners: Warminster Town Council, Wiltshire Council, Civic Trust, Preservation Trust, CAB, Housing Associations (Selwood etc.)

Community Safety

Scope: Personal and property safety, Anti-social behaviour, road safety

Partners: Police Neighbourhood Tasking Group, Police & Crime Panel, Fire & Rescue Service, CCTV, Neighbourhood Watch, Good Neighbours Scheme


Scope: Sport, theatre, galleries, exhibitions, museums, youth clubs, parks, play grounds

Partners: Athenaeum, Library, Sports clubs, Warminster Town Council, Wiltshire Council


Scope: Agriculture, Rural issues, Green issues, flooding, climate, forestry, footpaths, recycling

Partners: Wiltshire Council, Warminster Town Council, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Parish Councils, Warminster Walks

Culture & Arts

Scope: theatre, galleries, exhibitions, museums, Civic Centre, inclusion, access

Partners: Athenaeum, Library, Warminster Town Council, Wiltshire Council, Warminster Festival, Civic Trust.

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