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Local projects in partnership with WVCP

Economy & Tourism Group. Chair Victoria Coombes. The Economy & Tourism Group is a sub group of WVCP. Our aim is to achieve a thriving and sustainable economy with new investment in the town and surrounding area to improve its vitality and retail quality. We support the WVCP vision to achieve a skilled workforce, more and better-paid employment, realisation of the tourism potential of the area, and increased visitor spending on local goods and services. We are a group of volunteers who meet regularly to consider the state of the local economy and what can be done to improve it. We take a close interest in the range of retail outlets in the town. We are responsible to the WVCP for the development of ideas on local economy and tourism matters, for consideration of appropriate initiatives as outlined in the WVCP Plan as well as undertaking specific projects that have been agreed with the WVCP. We welcome new members to the group. For further details please contact - Mrs Chris Montagu, Secretary at

Health and Social Care Group. Chair Ann Merrills. Meets quarterly with speakers. Looking at local issues within the health and care sectors. For further details please contact - Mrs Sheila Thomson, Secretary at

Recently completed project commissioned by WVCP: Survey in partnership with Age UK to find out what older people social needs are. The results are now published - see the DOCUMENTS link (left).

Projects previously supported: Youth Transport Scheme; Warminster in Bloom (now under The Civic Society); Job Club (now under Cornerstone Warminster).

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